Friday, 31 August 2012

Another Pinterest Project

I often wonder these days, what on earth would I do without Pinterest? How did I manage to have ideas without it?!! Ages ago I pinned some yarn wrapped chipboard letters, thinking that I had a large chipboard 'B' and tons of yarn lying around, and today I was sat at my desk, spotted it and thought I'd give it a go.

After I'd finished, I posted a pic on Instagram, as I do with most things, and I immediately had two comments asking how I did it, so here it is....

It was dead simple......I had a pre cut chipboard letter but I'm sure you could do your own if you wanted.  I simply ran some ATG, a small amount at a time and then wrapped the yarn around.  I used the end of a ball of chunky wool so it covered quite quickly.  The only tricky bits I encountered were where the horizontals meet the verticals, but with a little extra tape and some perseverance I made it work.  The fabric flowers are some that I made an absolute age ago.....probably about three years or so, from a you tube video that I don't remember the name of!  Those were glue gunned on and it's as simple as that! (Jess and Lou, I hope I've explained it well enough!)

Now to find a space in my craft room for it!!


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Louise P said...

Thanks Bek. I've got an MDF 'E' lying around. If I can find some pinky yarn then I'm on to a winner. :)