Sunday, 17 July 2011

Dry Spell

Finally I am back with some layouts to share with you! As I expected, not being able to scrap for ages caused a huge lack of inspiration once I did find time to scrap. I spent hours the last week or two pushing paper around and coming up with things I was nowhere near happy with. To try and kick start things I went off around blogland to see if something would give me a bit of inspiration.

On the October Afternoon blog, I came across a beautiful layout using 5&Dime papers which I just happened to have in my stash so had a go at lifting it. This is the result....
Although I'm still beating myself up about the fact that it wasn't my idea, it wasn't an exact copy and I am actually really happy with the look of it. Another wedding layout but this one is gonna be for my own album (although I think I might do something similar for the official album!)

I love the paper bow and I think I will be using a few more on future pages. Anyway, you will be pleased to know that the drought appears to be ending and there have been much better, and more original layouts that have happened since.

Back with those soon xxx


Mel said...

I adore that paper bow, how did you do that? Not been around for ages and ages. Hope you are well, glad to see you are still producing the most stunning work.

Mel xx

Jenny said...

If it's given you a mojo lift, it can't be a bad thing :) It looks awesome either way :)

Claire Crompton said...

This is stunning Beki, it really doesn't matter that it's lifted from someone else. It's still your layout with your photos on it, beautiful.

C x