Monday, 25 April 2011


Hey blogland! Happy Easter...hope you are having a great weekend. I can't quite believe it's the last day of the school hols, I have had the best time and really made the most of the break but it has still gone far too quickly!

Tomorrow I start on my next placement....over the next term and a half it's going to be taking up a fair amount of my time so my apologies if my blogging becomes even more sporadic than it already is! In a bid to be organised I have spent some time making some cards ready for the next couple of months.

First a wedding card....less than 3 weeks to go now, exciting!!
One for my bestie whose birthday is in June.....

And one for the other bestie (the bride!!) whose birthday is just a few days before the wedding!

And another friend who has a birthday in June......

I'm looking forward to spending a quiet day at home today, the last two weeks have been great fun but a little manic so I need to wind down and get my head back into work mode!!

Have a great day xxx

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