Monday, 11 April 2011

Document 2011 March

It's that time again! I'm really trying to keep on top of this project in March and April as I know that May and June might not happen until a bit later cos I will be on placement and don't expect to be getting much scrapping done then! Lets just hope I have time to do stuff to document!!! So anyway, back to March. The pocket page, using March SC kit. Not much in the pocket this time. The focus page had to be about our recent family tree discovery. My uncle managed to trace my Dad's paternal Grandmother's line back over 40 generations uncovering all sorts of royalty, including William the Conqueror! I mixed in a bit of Crate Portrait with the SC kit for this one.
A close up of the detail, I livened up the Kraft CS with some cream and blue mists and some bumblebees stamped in Versamark.
These pocket pages are turning out to be a bit of a pain! I started them because I loved the look of ones I saw on other peoples blogs from last year, but as I was saying to some Twitter friends yesterday, they just seem to be really time consuming and difficult to think of ideas that are a bit different on such a small canvas. But hey, my OCD nature won't let me abandon them so I've just got to get on with it!! They are also a right pain to photograph but I've done my best!!
Some fun at uni and Stella looking very cute!
Hannah's birthday, the boys being little monkeys and Dad filling out the Census!

Before you know it I will be back to share April's pages!!!

TFL xx


Jen said...

love your pages, especially your family tree one - the bunting is great & the versamark stamping looks fab!

Louise said...

great layout, loving the title.
Your 4x6 pages look good too, worth the perseverance :)

Jackie xxx said...

Your pages are looking great. The divided pages look great ... keep it up at the end of the year your it will all be worth while. xxx

Miss Smith said...

I think the divided pages look great! I've been waiting to try these - want my protectors to arrive first though. Don't want to hear that they're hard work!!!

Jess said...

Keep going with the pockets I'm sure it will be worth it in the end, but hey you won't have to do it next year! And yes I agree about scrapping and placement, I had to be really on top of things when I was teaching (on mat leave now) to get a good scrappy Sunday.