Monday, 1 November 2010

Where To Start????

Well what a weekend! I woke up on Friday morning full of a cold but raring to go. Our journey was so smooth taking a little over 2 hours and we arrived at the hotel about half one ish.
After a week of having no heating or hot water (other than the shower) I was desperate for a long soak in a nice hot bath so when I got the keys to my room that was the first thing I did. After that we had planned to just chill in our rooms but we were too excited and kept going for little wanders bumping into a few familiar faces on the way.

Finally it was the time we had been waiting for and we made our way into the crop room. There were some lovely treats waiting for us along with a very warm welcome. After a yummy meal it was time for our first class of the weekend (more about the classes later.) The shop opened at 11 ish (late night shopping heaven!!) and after a little rummage I went up for a fairly early night.

I barely slept a wink but the yummy breakfast soon had me feeling a little more human.
Saturday comprised of 4 more classes. This is Jackie A, Me and Clare in the first one....
Sam and Sheena with the first layout of the day which Sam did a fab job of teaching considering she had absolutely no voice!
The crop room....
Jenny, Chloe and Nat, online friends that I was really excited to finally meet.
My buddy Jackie who made me laugh so much! And by the way we didn't plan our matching outfits!
Then there was the final class of the day......Well what can I say..... a revelation from Sue that I couldn't possibly repeat here led to Helen using a Match of The Day style football analogy to explain something that handed me the biggest laugh of my life.
We were lucky enough to sit next to Candace, Jacqui and Sue B, who were absolutely lovely and such good fun.
I stayed up a bit later Saturday night and had a much better nights sleep so I felt much brighter on Sunday. The first class was my favourite of the whole weekend (will share that later) and was followed by a yummy carvery dinner and then our photo shoot with the lovely Kirsty Wiseman. I have to say it was almost a bit star struck, I've followed Kirsty's blog for ages and was so excited to meet her in real life!!!
Sunday really flew by and the last class was a quickie one before a goodbye from Janice and Lorraine.
It really was the best weekend. I met some truly lovely people. It was great to meet some of my online friends in real life, Jackie A (again!), Sue P (thanks for the throat sweets!), Jenny, Chloe, Nat, Sarah G, to name a few, it was great to put real faces to your avatars! It was also so nice to meet people who follow my blog, it really makes it worthwhile to know it is enjoyed.
All of the DT were fantastic, you guys are awesome and I learned something new from each and every one of you. And Janice and Lorraine (and the rest of the Abbletts) you are fantastic, you really know how to make people feel welcome and give them a great time, Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxxxx
Back soon with the layouts and new stash. Thanks for sticking with me, waffling on!! xxx


Janice said...

Oh my - you have me all welling up here Becki, it was so lovely to see you again, and welcome you to the Getaway that I know you've been waiting to come to for over a year! What a lovely lovely post! Hope to see you again at another one soon.

Jackie xxx said...

OMG - it looks like we spent the all weekend together - LOL.

It's was great to meet you (and Claire) again.

Hope that we meet up again next year - wink! wink!


Sarah xx said...

So glad you had such a good time Beki despite your cold - hope you are feeling better? It was great to finally meet you and I look forward to spending more time with you at the next event! xx

Clare said...

I want to go back!! It was the best weekend ever, even the Tea bag fiasco! ha ha ha! xxxx

SAM BALL (aka sammyb) said...

Oh Beki, it was so lovely to meet you and your equally lovely sister in person xxx

It really was a fabulous weekend! So lovely to read your thoughts about it, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery xxx

Miss Smith said...

It was really lovely to meet loads of scrappers - I love that I can look at your photos and have an "I was there!!!" moment.

P.S. Hope you feel better!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

hey lovely, I was starstruck meeting you too....... being a scrapper for as long as scrapping began ;)
Hugs to you and Clair cc

Fluffy said...

one word - Jealous!!! lol

Jenny said...

*heehee* was great to meet you too hun. Looking forward to seeing the stash! Hope the cold has cleared :) xx

Lorraine said...

Oo I have orbs around me on my legs... knew I shouldn't have gone into the haunted room:lol: