Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Coming To A Layout Near You!

Since I discovered Kirsty Wiseman's blog, I have longed for one of her gorgeous photo shoots so at the Getaway Clare and I jumped at the chance to have one. It was my birthday treat for Clare's 40th so we had some individual and some together. Here they are.....

And I loooooove Kirsty for being able to make me not look like a poorly snotty girl with a big spot on her cheek (cos that's what I was!!!)
So today....after a bit of a mad week of Birthday fun, puppy sitting, school, more school, nursery, uni, I am allowing myself a quiet morning of crafty fun, I have a stack of half finished projects to get through and a pile of new stash that I'm itching to get into. But mostly I am enjoying a restful morning because tomorrow I'm going to Cardiff to see PETER KAY, yay!!!! Incase you hadn't noticed I am a little bit excited!
Anyways, off to schedule a few posts cos I have a mountain of things to share with you!
B xxx


Emma said...

Great photos! You and your sister are like peas in a pod!!

Claire Crompton said...

Beki these photos of you and your sister are stunning. Enjoy Peter Kay.


Heather said...

lovely pics! you must be very pleased with them :) & no we cant tell you were feeling snotty either!! xx

Janice said...

They are all gorgeous Beks - love the one of you looking very 'sultry' (if that is the right word) - love it :)