Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Layouts Part 2

The final class of Saturday was Helen's 'Dainty Doilies' the layout was dainty but the conversation not so.....it was amazing that any of us walked out with a completed layout!
Real doilies and ones cut from patterned paper.
We rollered paint over a doily to make this cool effect.
The first class of Sunday was by far my favourite of the whole weekend and wins the prize for best new technique! It was 'Artisan Moments' with Sam (again! I think by this point she thought I was stalking her!!)
I was completely chuffed that my photo went so perfectly. We used a great technique which involved opening and emptying a tea bag, placing the photo inside, covering with wax chips and ironing. It gives an incredible ethereal, tactile finish which I will definitely be experimenting with some more.
The final class of the weekend was 'Modern Twist' with Sam. The origami flowers were a little on the frustrating side but worth it in the end to get such a cool layout.
Also used some paper rolls which I love.
So that's the class layouts. I do have a couple more layouts from cropping time and Getaway stash so watch this space! xx


Rachel said...

lovely pages hun , pleased you had fun xx

Sarah said...

All lovely layouts, loving the doilies especialy!