Thursday, 17 December 2009

I've Got A Secret!

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that I am still here! It's been a busy week but it's been much more relaxed and enjoyable than I was expecting. Tomorrow is my interview and last week I was so so nervous but I think I got the worst out of the way cos I'm feeling pretty good about it now.

Last night I went to Brasserie Blanc with the staff from school, it was a fab evening with great food and even better company and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Today I went into school and had a nice relaxed afternoon, I was spoiled rotten with some lovely presents from Jenny, the teacher that I work with, some Soap and Glory bath goodies which I love and am glad that the children wanted to see me open it because I will wind down after my interview with a lovely fragrant bath!

I have also been lifted out of my nerves by some very exciting news!! I can't share yet as I am sworn to secrecy but will as soon as I can.

So once I have tomorrow out of the way I will share photos of my journal and some other Christmassy projects plus some academy layouts.

And before I go I must wish a Happy Birthday to my nephew Danny who is 16 tomorrow, I can't believe it and it makes me feel old!!!

B xxx

P.S Congrats Emma!!!!xx


Claire Crompton said...

Good luck with the interview I've got everything crossed for you!!


Anne said...

Ooooh! A secret!

How did the interview go? When will you find out?