Monday, 21 December 2009

I'm Glad I'm Journalling It.....

...cos I feel like I'm too busy to remember it! I'm hoping that this post will go someway towards explaining what I've been up to the last week! I've had great intentions of blogging but just haven't seemed to have a minute to myself!! I've managed to find a couple of hours to myself this evening and although I was completely hanging I was desperate to spend some time catching up with my journal so here it is.....

We put up our decorations on the 11th....
And on the 12th we had our last Scrapaholix day. I used the kit to make this wreath which I was so chuffed with, even though it did take an age!!! I still haven't found time to hang it yet but it will be on display before Friday!
I had to do a page on the lovely pressies Kim made us, little jars of florentines with our initials etched on, so personal.
The early part of the week was spent preparing for my interview, inbetween lots of other preparations for Christmas. I also had Christmas dinner in school on Tuesday, it was mad busy but fun and the food has improved massively in the 15 years since I left that school!!
On Wednesday was the staff night out. My page for this was a bit mad cos I forgot to take my camera so the only photo I got was this really poor phone picture, but, like a true scrapper, I made do!
On Thursday was my last day in school and Jenny and class 2 gave me this lovely gift.....
Friday was the big day!!! My interview actually went really well, I felt really relaxed and I am sure it was partially down to the fact that I had so many messages on UKS, blog comments, texts, cards and good wishes. I felt that I had so much support that I could do anything, so a big thanks to everyone. The other part, I think was because I felt really at home at the uni and it all just felt right, I just hope they agree with me! Even though it wasn't Christmassy I had to document it as a lot of my plans have revolved around this day.
After that I have had my nephews 16th, a dinner party and a drinks party. Not to mention the chaos the snow has caused today! Even though we only had a small sprinkling of snow, the traffic problems caused me to miss Reflexology and Dentist appointments that I really needed. I can't say however that I was completely upset about it when I got stuck at Clare and Jon's curled up with a blanket, with the dog keeping my feet warm, eating pancakes and drinking hot choccie with marshmallows!
So I still have more catching up to do in my journal and have plans everyday this week that will be journal worthy so I'm sure this will keep me busy into January!
Keep warm blogland!
B xxx


Emma said...

LOVE your wreath Becki! a homemade wreath is deffo on my list for next christmas!

No special parcels yet, suppose it could be anyday now!! Did get my work back yesterday, which I thought was super speedy!!!

Claire Crompton said...

Your album is really coming on Beki and I'm so glad to hear that the interview went well.

Merry Christmas