Friday, 11 December 2009

Bubbling with Excitement

I have finally found time to upload some more journal photos, I haven't done any pages since last weekend when I did this one.....
I used a cup holder to make a little page......
Which I attached this guy to....
It's been a busy but good week. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at school doing performances of The Sleepy Shepherd, it was hard work, stressful at times but the little lovelies brought proud tears to my eyes, bless 'em. On Thursday we walked the whole school to the church, it was a beautiful day which made for a pleasant walk and the service was so nice and brought back lovely childhood memories.
Last night I cracked a tooth, ouch, so I had the morning off school today so I could try and get a dentist appt. This afternoon Mum, Clare and I went to Bath for a little wander and more importantly, a Toffee Nut Latte.
Today is my Auntie Chris's 60th Birthday, it's our family tradition to put up the decs on her birthday, as it's two weeks til Christmas it's a good date to do it so that's what I did when we got back.
And now to make us feel extra specially festive, we cracked open a bottle of bubbly and have cosied up for the evening, lovely!!
So that's me for now, back over the weekend with more xxx

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