Thursday, 19 November 2009

October Academy

It's taken me a bit longer than usual this month to complete the Gogo Academy modules, infact I still have one left that I just can't find a photo for, but I am determined to do it so I may do a photo less layout instead.

Anyway, these are the ones I have done. Week 1 was Pet Peeves, I struggled to find a photo then I stumbled across this baby pic of me looking really cheesed off which I thought was just right. I spotted the flies and bugs of the CC earth love papers and got inspired for the title which I was really pleased with.......
Week 2 was to scrap your hero, I didn't even have to think about this as I was lucky enough to meet my hero, Anita Roddick, on several occasions and have a fair few photos. She is definitely a subject I want to scrap about in more detail....... (sorry about the colour it looks a little washed out)
And week 3 was about the songs on your playlist. Someone has asked me if I hid my list cos I was embarrassed about my playlist but it is just because we had these little envelopes in the kit which I hadn't used yet so seized the opportunity.......
Right I really need to try and get some sleep, not holding out much hope with my cough and the brewing storm (was gonna say wind but thought you might think it was a different type of wind!!!!)
TFL xxx

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