Thursday, 1 November 2012

30 Things.....

This time next week it'll be my's not a big birthday but kind of a milestone, and one I've been dreading a little bit.  It's my last twenty something birthday and it feels a bit scary!! Who knows what I'll be like this time next year (think Joey in Friends...why God???!!!)

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an idea on a blog....I forget which........apologies if it's you!! The idea was a list of 30 things to do in your thirtieth year.  As I was about to embark on my thirtieth year I thought it might be a fun thing to do so I set about writing a list.

It's not a hugely ambitious list, it's more like a list of prompts......some things are quite 'big' but others are more simple.  Some are things I've wanted to do for ages and some are just a reminder of what I want to be like every year. Some are related to work, and others to hobbies and passions that I don't want to be forgotten because of the hectic nature of my job.

Anyway, here it is.....

Learn how to decorate cake pops properly...mine are always rubbish!
See at least 1 live gig 
Go to the theatre 
Make at least 1 thing from pinterest per month
Scrap at least 1 layout a month
Get a tattoo
Go on holiday.....already booked!
Meet up with some blogging/twitter friends.....under discussion!!
Buy a new car....done today!!
Complete a document/yearbook style project
See a live comedy show
Crochet a blanket for me
Achieve a better work/life balance.....tricky to measure but one I need to be reminded of!
Eat proper Macarons
Go camping with friends
Learn to fondant ice a cake
Watch live motor racing 
Find a permanent (or less temporary!) job
Be spontaneous......a quality I always aspire to but need reminding!
Take more photos on an actual camera not a phone!
Go on a plane......booked!
Spend a few hours in my craft room per week
Be part of a choir concert
See my own class in a christmas play

Complete my NQT year

Dance more often

Make a Christmas journal

Try new recipes 

See 2013 in in style

Live, laugh, love....just generally have a happy and fulfilling year.

I've already got plans in place for some, and others I hope will just happen.  I won't beat myself up if I don't do's just for fun.  I'm also hoping to document them in some way so that I have a record of the year before my big 3-0.

So, here's to the next year!!

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Jackie xxx said...

What a great idea, I might take the idea up for the next big birthday.

As for your prompt "to meet with with blogger friends", email some dates and we are more than happy to catch up in Worcester, obviously incorporating some stash shopping and lunch - lol x