Saturday, 11 June 2011

Document 2011 May

Another month, another page in my Document 2011 album! I had lots to fit in this month.

In the pocket page, my wedding invitation, placecard, Maid of Honour Thank You card, and a few other bits and pieces. I always keep the little card that comes with my SC kit because I love the design of them.
There was no question what the focus page should be! The one and only photo I took at the wedding!

I try to cover the little things as well as the big events in the divided pages. This month, new songs at choir, final wedding prep as well as the main event!

Jake getting his wish to meet Gordon Ramsey (thanks Rays of Sunshine!), a very rare family shot, a night with friends and a weekend away with Max.

I somehow think that June will be a little, planning, essay writing and a tiny bit of sleeping!! May have to be very creative with this one!

TFL xx

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Jackie xxx said...

Love your Docment 2011 pages. I think some months will be like that where you don't have many photos, and some where you have loads.