Sunday, 22 May 2011

I'm Back

Good Morning Blogland! Apologies once again for my absence....this week has gone by in a bit of a daze. I officially taught my first few lessons this week whilst still trying to recover from the exhausting (but perfect) wedding weekend. I'm not able to bore you with the photos yet as I don't have any, I was too busy with my Maid of Honour duties to take any, but my BIL was the official photographer and as soon as the happy couple return from their honeymoon and see the photos, I'll be allowed to see them and they will begin appearing on many layouts!

When I got home from school on Thursday I was in the mood to scrap so I sat down and this layout came together really easily. It feels like months since that happened! Typical that my mojo returns when I have no time to make the most of it!
I'm getting down to the dregs of Emma's Shoppe now but it was just perfect for this layout, pretty enough to go with Jess's beautiful skirt but not too girly for my handsome nephew!

I've just photographed lots of layouts that I did a couple of weeks ago so I will schedule some posts throughout this week for you to enjoy!

Happy Sunday xx

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Clare said...

ahh, my gorgeous boy and girl! love it xxx