Saturday, 14 May 2011

Document 2011 April

I thought I would be super organised and schedule a little post for you while I am at the wedding! With everything going on this month I wanted to keep right on top of my Document 2011 project so here are April's pages......

In the pocket my ticket from Hairspray (which was awesome by the way!!) a picture that Jake did for me, a card that I had with a present and a flyer from the spa that me and Em went to.
The focus page just had to be Emma's hen night. The photos came out really well considering it was dark. That isn't really Prince William...apparently he was at a little party of his own that night!!! And by the time you read this she will be a married woman!!

I had so many things to choose from for the divided pages this month which made life a bit easier!

I'm glad I have the wedding to scrap about for May because with all the work I am a little worried that pictures may be a little thin on the ground!

Back soon to bore you with the wedding snaps!!

TFL xxx

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