Wednesday, 19 January 2011

2010 Part 2

So I'm back with the second half of my Yearbook 2010.

July...Kerrie was 21 and had a wicked fancy dress party, Clare turned 40 and we got not one but two Krispy Kremes in Bristol!
August....Lots of prep for starting uni, a new wardrobe and a trip to Castle Coombe.
September.......Started uni and had my first trip to Silverstone and saw a F1 car on the track.
October.........Max was 10 and the Gogo Getaway.
November.......My Birthday, Chewie arrived, our trip to Cardiff to see Peter Kay.
And the one you haven't seen yet. December.....too much to fit in so a few snapshots and a note to point you in the direction of my Christmas journal!
I have loved this project, I must say thanks to Nicola Kerridge for organising this in the Gogo Clubhouse, it is such a brilliant keepsake of the year. After completing this it has really spurred me on to do something a little more involved for 2011 so I am gonna have a go at Document 2011, for each month I will have a pocket for memorabilia, a layout of a key event and a dived page protector with some other photos/journalling in. I can't wait to get started.
How are you going to scrap this year??? xx


Janice said...

This is simply gorgeous Becky - love your take on the Yearbook!!! Thank you for joining in ;)

Nicola said...

Your Yearbook looks fab Beki and thank you for taking part xxx

Wendy said...

I love how you did your year book and how it tied together. i do one too in 12*6 but my pages are just single ones - I love how these link together. idea are now spinning in my head

Jackie xxx said...

Great layouts and an amazing book.

Clare said...

Wow Beks this is fantasic, I can't believe you've done so much! It's great to look back and be thankful for family and fun times, no one can say your boring!! Love you lots C xxx