Tuesday, 18 January 2011

2010 Part 1

As I have just finished my 2010 Yearbook I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys in its entirity. So here is the first half....
January......Lots of snow and quiet crafty time.
Feb.........Mollie's 2nd Birthday, lunch at Cosmo, catsitting, Emma and David's engagement.
March......baby Will arrived, nights out and a visit from my Fairy Godmother!
April.......Easter hols, new phone and Jakey's 13th
May......Birthday month (expensive month!!) and wedding dress shopping with Em.
June.....wow rollercoaster month! Really great half term full of fun, Jake's op, looking after Max, Sarah's birthday.
That's the first half, watch this space for the rest xxx

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Claire Crompton said...

Your year book looks fab Beki. I have just finished my JYC and I'm loving mini books at the moment. I may have to have a go at a year one. Thanks for the inspiration.

Claire x