Monday, 25 October 2010

Nearly Finished

So I managed to completely neglect my blog again! Honestly, this part time study sure takes up a lot of my time! I haven't done all that much scrapping recently but here are a few things I haven't shared with you yet.

My September year book pages, can't believe how thick my year book is now and how in just a couple of months it will be all finished. I absolutely loved this kit and saved my favourite paper to go on my September entry. Obviously the big event of the month was my starting back to uni, I didn't have a picture so I scanned my student card.
The other event worthy of documenting was my first trip to Silverstone, I couldn't claim to be a proper petrol head til I had been there and now I have! Problem is, now I won't be happy until I've seen the GP there!
Both pages together for full effect!
There are now just three short days until I Gogo Getaway and I cannot wait. Not only to have some uninterrupted scrapping time but also the 4 star hotel and piles of food....not to mention a photo shoot with the one and only Kirsty Wiseman. Here is a sneak peek of my name badge...
And finally, I have been working away at some little boxes in which to put some handmade goodies that I have made for Christmas pressies......I can't share the contents yet as one of the recipients reads my blog and I don't wanna spoil the surprise!
In other news, other than uni keeping me busy I have......helped run a dancing competition, frozen to bits cos our boiler is broken, started my Christmas shopping, finally recieved my (somewhat pitiful) student loan, celebrated my nephews 10th birthday, and helped my best friends celebrate the birth of their first niece.
Back Soon xxx


Anonymous said...

Fab stuff! Your name badge is looking good! I haven't even started mine!

Jenny said...

Know what you mean about 'part time' study. It just sort of takes over! Will see you at the weekend, can't wait to see the badge. Which reminds me, must do mine!