Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It's Looking Rosie

Well I had good intentions for today but have only managed a little bit of reading, I just can't tear myself away from the tv coverage from Chile. I have been watching solidly since number 5 came out early this morning and before that was watching the preparations in the early hours in the morning. It is so incredible, everything seems to be going so smoothly considering the magnitude of it all and it is truly humbling.

Anyway, on this momentous day, my best friend is waiting to become an Aunty for the first time and she asked me if I could make a present for little baby Rosie when she arrives. I had lots of fabric left from the bunting I made a while back so I decided to use it up. I was amazed how quickly it came together (hooray for pinking shears!!)
I used up the scraps up by making these fabric roses which proved tricky but were totally worth it. I attached them using brooch pins so they could be taken off and the bunting could be washed....don't think my handstitching would survive the washing machine particularly well!
Not a great day for taking photos, they would look a hundred times better against a bright blue sky.
Whilst I had the time I whipped up a little sign for her bedroom door too.
Put my Tattered Florals die to good use again.
All I used was a few scraps of Girls Paperie.
And I made a little gift tag with the spare flowers.
So now it's a wait until she arrives. Going to suggest that they buy today's newspaper to go with it, if she arrives today it's gonna be one to remember!
Off to wait for Miner 18
Have a good evening xxx


Rachel said...

beautiful bunting bexs really nice colours, hope your course is going well xx

Anonymous said...

Cute bunting! I'm gonna make some for our wedding; hot pink, light pink, grey and black :)