Sunday, 26 September 2010

Flowers or clouds?

This week has been very taxing on the brain so it was welcome relief to find myself with a little crafty time. I am loving the Gogo kit this month the colours are so me!

The greens and blues were just right for this photo of Ted on the Moor.....
I hadn't found a photo that went with the papers but was girly enough to use these canvas flowers so when I saw Lorraine's idea to cut them in half and use them as clouds I had to try it myself.
I thought of this photo as soon as I saw the die cut paper covered in numbers. I was helping Max with his homework and took 4 20p's out of my purse because his homework was about money but it just looked like I was bribing him to do his homework!
I've got loads to do today as tomorrow and Tuesday I am based in the centre of Bath working on the second week of a two week project, it feels like a field trip, I'm going on the train and everything!! So I need to suss out what I need to take and make sure I am all read up and clear on what we are doing. It's also GP day so I plan to spend the afternoon in Singapore!!
And I'm gonna be a good blogger and not neglect you this week....some scheduled posts will be popping up during the week.
Have a good one! xx

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Sarah xx said...

Cute LO's Beki, love those little clouds! xx