Sunday, 2 August 2009

Party On

I'm all tucked up in bed nice and early, not that I've earned it today I've been so lazy. I am ill though, well that's my excuse today anyway! I looked after my great neice of the pooch variety this morning, Stella is so lush and, although generally manic, when the house was quiet with just the two of us she went all nice and sleepy. We snuggled up on the sofa in front of the Hollyoaks omnibus and she only moved in order to let me know that she wanted me to tickle her in a different spot.

I did a little bit of scrapping, week 2 of the July academy modules over on the gogo CH. Was a bit of a quicky LO mainly using scraps, don't think I cut a single piece of paper doing this one!

I've been dropping in on the party that's happening on it's been wicked to look at lots of different peoples blogs, some that I already follow and a few new ones. I've been playing along with the blog trivia quiz and plan to spend tomorrow doing a couple of the challenges. The whole event is mainly about hybrid scrapping and printables but with my unfortunate lack of a printer I can't join in with that aspect, but there are other things I can so have 2 LO's planned for tomorrow.

I'm lacking a little inspiration atm, I seem to be running low on paper (I know it's a first) but there's not really anything out there that grabs my eye. I neeeeeed those CHA releases, I know a few are due very soon but I won't be able to order for a while cos of my hols. Ah well at least it's not long til yellow box time. What did I do without it?

Night xx

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