Saturday, 23 May 2009

Under a Cloud

Just a quickie post today, I am in McDonalds just outside of Plymouth using their WiFi Cloud. I hadn't been able to post for a few days before we left as our internet was down (Aghhhhhh) so I thought I'd say a quick hello. Didn't get much scrapping done this week as I was so busy packing, catching up with friends and (what felt like) a million other things.

There will be plenty to show you next time I log on though. On Thursday I went to Cleo's to pick up my first Bellaboo kit. It was fab meeting Cleo, we could have chatted all day and I had to stop myself sneaking a kitten into my bag! I was so excited to see the kit and I wasn't dissappointed, there is soooo much stuff in it, and it is gorgeous, I have loads of ideas for it and have already done a layout and a bit! If I were you I'd get on over there on the 1st of June and bag yourself one, at £20 they are a complete bargain.

Anyway I don't want to spend my whole holiday inside the scottish restaurant so I'm off
B xxx

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