Sunday, 31 May 2009

Happy Birthday to You

So finally blogger decides to work! I have some photos of my holiday to share but will do that later in the week. First I'm gonna share what I've done with this lovely weekend! I arrived home on Friday and unpacked and then packed again. My best friends Sarah and Laurence had invited me to stay with them where they were house/pet sitting for Sarah's relatives. I have stayed there many times, it's a HUGE and very beautiful house, out in the countryside and is at it's very best in the sunshine. We spent the evening eating al fresco, then watching Britains Got Talent, drinking wine and having a laugh.

I woke up bright and early on saturday morning and spent the morning pottering around, helping Sarah with a few jobs and sitting reading by the pond (thats when I burnt my legs!) with these lovely boys......


And lovely little Frank. We had breakfast outside and enjoyed the lovely weather. And couldn't resist a little photo shoot in this.......
Nice huh?! I soooo wanted to have a go! In the afternoon, we packed up ready to enjoy a bit of this......

For this handsome boy's birthday...
My nephew Wes's 21st. We had great fun but by the time we got out my legs were completely burning, not fun! We went to my Sis's for a bbq and more BGT.
So today I am suffering but hopefully not for long cos there are more celebrations planned for later as it's my lovely Dad's birthday today. I will, however, be sat in the shade!
Happy birthday Dad and Wes!
Back with some layouts later xxx

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Anonymous said...

Cor, what an amazing house!
I've not been in a pool for yonks!