Sunday, 4 March 2012

Month in Numbers: January

Yes I know I'm late and I know I've been MIA!! Life is hectic here, I am just 17 days away from the end of my placement and the end of my course and finally being a proper real life teacher!! 

So anyway, I have been keeping a note of my month in numbers and documenting it, even if I haven't got round to blogging it!

In January I did 1 day at uni, my first of 2012 and last one ever! I also passed 1 essay, applied for 2 jobs and did 8 days in my new school.
Me and my 5 friends on our last day.

Before I went back to uni I went to see an exhibition, Bruce Munro's 'Field of Light' which featured 5000 colour changing lights and was really magical.

I managed to find lots of time for baking and crochet, I tried 4 new recipes and added 25 rows to the ripple blanket for my best friends baby.  I attended 2 wedding fairs with my other best friend.

At the end of January I spent 1 day out for my best friend's Mum's 60th birthday, we celebrated with a lovely walk in the Forest of Dean which was enjoyed by 1 very happy dog...

followed by a round or 2, and 3 games of pool and a lovely meal with 4 happy diners.

And that was January! Back soon with Feb! xxx

ETA I completely forgot the link so you can join in on Julie's blog xxx


Julie Kirk said...

The Field of Light looks amazing, what a great thing to visit on cold dark January days.

And your trip to the forest seems a very healthy way to celebrate a birthday! WAs there any sustaining cake involved?

I've pinned your post with the others now:
[Any chance of a link back to Month in Numbers, so others can join in too?]

Thanks for joining in again.

Julie :-)

jennifer said...

It looks like January was busy but fun! The field of lights looks amazing! x