Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fashion Fix

So here is a spot of non scrappy craftiness. I went shopping last Monday and got totally inspired by all the flower accessories that are in the shops this season, I absolutely love this look but when I saw it I thought 'I could do that!' So I went to Fabricland and spent £1.85 on a metre of white Muslin and a packet of sew on pearls and using this fabby video, I made lots of these babies......
I then coloured them with shimmer mists mixed together for my own bespoke colour and watered down. (Beware if you don't water them down the colour is likely to come off on clothes/fingers etc)
To join them together I glued and then stitched them onto a piece of felt and finally attached some ribbon and hey presto, glamorous, in season jewellery that for once was actually cheaper to make than buy in the shops! And boy was it a good feeling to tell people that I made it when they asked where I got it from!
Watch out for more Muslin flower projects coming up! xx


SarahLP said...

These are stunning, Beki! That necklace really looks like one you might have bought somewhere expensive.. wondering if my son would notice his beloved 'muzzies' being transformed into flowers..?

Janice said...

I love this Becki - it is stunning!!