Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy Saturday

It's been a busy old week. Since having a really crafty start to the week I've barely had time to go near the craft room for more than half an hour since Tuesday. I have done my DT layout for the Butterfly Crafts 1st of the month challenge, I don't think I've ever left it so late but I am still not really in layout mode so I found it tough this month, it's done though and I am pleased with it, just need to photo it and send it to Karen in the morning.

Today I spent the morning with these dudes.....

Trendy Max and his brother.....

Elvis...or is it Jedward?? Or as I was calling him 'Jakeward!!' He asked me to help him with his humanities homework, which of course I was glad to, how many 13 year olds want to get on with their homework at the start of half term??? I then asked him what it was....should have asked before I committed was to make a story board/script or film about a famous discovery. So I spent the morning making a stop frame animation, using lego, about Sir Francis Drake discovering the potato! I shouldn't moan cos in actual fact we had a lot of fun, it was lovely to spend time doing something with him and I was so proud and amazed at his creativity (obviously he gets it from me!!!) Everyone was really impressed and agreed that if he doesn't get a merit his teacher is mad.

Mid afternoon I left him recording the voice overs, my Dad playing Sir Francis, and drove the 30 seconds down the road to my best friends house where I was welcomed with Scrambled egg on toast and a big cup of tea. After eating, then catching her up on the wedding gossip of my other best friend, we went to The Mall so I could get some birthday cards for the last birthdays of 'Birthday month' or as everyone else knows it, May. We had coffee and shared the most amazing Eclair in Patisserie Valerie and then she endured a quick visit to Hobbycraft. Well I couldn't be that close and not go in when I knew there was a sale on!! I'm glad I did cos I picked up some AC bargains!

3 packs of Thickers at £1.99 each and some gorgeous Jewel brads for £1.24 a pack. After a cuppa back at hers, a snuggle with Frank the labrador who had his friend Alfie the dalmation over to stay, and a bit of an tinternet session, I came home planning to have a crafty evening. But when I got home it all caught up on me and I was completely wiped out! So that was my day!

Tomorrow is my nephews 22nd birthday, Happy Birthday Wes, and Monday sees my Dad turn 63 so that will take up the next two days. After that it's half term which I will be spending in peace and quiet as the olds are away! I have another dress shopping trip planned, the new Sex and the City movie with the girls, baby snuggles at my cousins house and plenty of crafty time....heaven!

Wow, I've waffled on for ages! If you're still with me, thanks for reading!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Beki, thanks for your lovely comment.. it's great to be back! Will be checking out what I've missed further down the page! :o)

Sounds like you had a VERY busy day.. I'd be wiped out too after all that. Your Thickers are fab - what a bargain!!! Love those puffy ones!

Look forward to seeing your DT LO.. and your BF projects!

Sarah x