Thursday, 22 April 2010

I've Come Over All Hipstamatic!

Yep, I've caught the bug too!! I downloaded the app yesterday so this evening whilst babysitting, I had a little play and took these....

Ah bless, he has an ear infection, hence the cotton wool, but I think he looks like a teddy with the stuffing popping out!

Being silly!

The newest teenager in our family ( he turned 13 on tuesday)

Maxy engrossed in his Lego, which incidentally, we discovered that Auntie's are better at searching through the box for bits rather than building. And now I am well versed in the language of Lego and will forever know the difference between a oner or a twoer!!

And then I couldn't resist taking one of Yoda!

Cool huh?? xx


Laura said...

*yay for iphones and hipstamatic!*

Clare said...