Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wow Where Did That One Go??

I have had a telling off for neglecting my blog! I have had a really busy week and have barely been online so I have had a nice evening catching up with my blog hopping and now it's time to update my own!

This week, I have had two nights out, a curry night with a few staff from school and a visit to Cosmo, my new fave all you can eat Asian with this mad woman......
Jools, my (fairy) Godmother.

I have also done a couple of extra hours at school, on Monday for our Spring walk and on Friday when the new Craft Robo was delivered and I created this.....
And I spent today with this little man (and the rest of my family) and have managed to make my throat bad again by reading 'The Twits' cover to cover with him! I don't mind though as it was real quality snuggle time with him and he wasn't in front of a screen!!
Now for some craftiness, I did this layout on Monday when Mum and I got together with Clare and Kirsty. It's based on a Pencil Lines sketch from a little while ago. The pic is of my friend Kelly and I when we won our way to lunch with the late great Dame Anita Roddick. We had the best time, she was the most incredible woman and had us rocking with laughter at her stories.
These photos are from my cousins wedding almost two years ago, the one on the left is Mum and Dad with us 4 kids and my BIL and 2 SIL's and the one on the right is my sis, bro's 1&2 and me. It is very loosely based on a layout from an old copy of SBT.
I managed to use one of my acetate flowers on it.
My gogo kit arrived on Thursday and I cut straight into it for Alisons CJ '5 Random Facts About Me' It doesn't need to be posted for a month yet but as I will be away for almost two weeks before posting I thought I'd better get it done.
A couple of sneaks....
I have done two more layouts which are still drying so I will blog those tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx


Anna said...

Great layouts hun, love them!

Kirsty @ Quirky Card Designs said...

I see the loopy punch had to come out and play eh?

Gorgeous as always!! xxx

Claire Crompton said...

Gorgeous layouts Beki, gosh you have had a busy week. Like the look of those Easter cakes too. yum.


Helsbells said...

What a great display. I miss doing that! Lovely layouts too. Hope you're well :)

Kazzy said...

Had wondered where you'd got to! Great LO' the 'ladies lunch' one.