Sunday, 6 November 2011

No You're Not Seeing Things, I Am Blogging!!

My apologies for my recent lack of blogging! I don't really know where the last few weeks have gone!!   So what have I been doing? Well, I've spent a lot of time reading and researching for my final essay which is due in one month from today, arrrrgghhh!!! I also had half term where I doggy sat, spent some time with my friends, helped one of them choose her wedding dress, cooked twice (shock horror!!), did a bit of knitting, spent too long on pinterest and spent loads of time with my head in a book.  It's been pretty busy, and not looking like it's gonna slow down anytime soon. Over the next month I have an English test (tomorrow), Maths and Science assessments, a tutorial which involves another piece of written work and while all this is going on I have the small matter of the big essay, scary!!

In amongst the madness, I have managed to squeeze in the odd half hour in the craft room.  I've done a couple of layouts and made a start on document October which I will share at another time.

Firstly I did this one for the wedding album which is very nearly done.  I used the Crate Portait collection which is proving to be so perfect for this album.
This was a bit of a fun layout to do.  I love this photo of me, at a different wedding party, it just seems to sum up what a crazy, fun night it was and how I truly let my hair down.  I used the Crate Random collection which I am totally in love with.  I also used some Sassafras stamps and some paint splatters.
I WILL be back soon to share some knitting and crochet projects and hopefully my doc October.  I also seem to have a rapidly growing pile of photos to scrap so I really hope I might be able to allow myself a scrappy day sometime soon!

TFL xxx