Sunday, 16 October 2011

It Only Took A Year..... *photo heavy*

If you met me at the Gogo Getaway last year, was it really a whole year ago?? You might have seen me working on this......
Well, once I got back, I was so inspired by the techniques I had picked up over the weekend that I put it away and there it stayed.....
 Until a couple of weeks ago, when finally I felt the need to get it finished!  It's not like me to leave something unfinished, particularly for so long.
 So this is it, a tactile little book, showcasing the photos I took of the lions in Bath last year.

Feels good to finally have it done!!
TFL xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Two of a Kind

Even though I'm not getting much time to scrap lately, I do at least seem to have plenty of inspiration, this is really handy cos when I do find myself with the time I can whip up a layout quick!  I also seem to be going through a bit of a style change too, I keep getting drawn, on Pinterest, to layouts that are clustered with lots of detail but lots of white space at the same time, and with a bit of interest top and bottom.

Here are a couple of pages that I have done.  They are fairly similar but one is for me and one is for the wedding album so I won't end up with albums full of the same layouts!!

This one is of me and my bestie Sarah, at a wedding party a few months back.  I don't seem to get many photos of us and when I do they tend to be slightly drunken arms length this one is, but this one does seem to be one of the better ones!!
The title doesn't stand out very well in the photo but it does seem to work in real life!!
 And this one for Emma and David's album.  This is one of my favourite photos from the wedding.  Neither of us can remember what I said to make her laugh, I'm guessing it must have been a bit rude by the way I'm turning my head away from the gathered crowd!!! (but not that rude.....there was a child present!!!)
TFL xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Document 2011: September

Apologies for the delay in posting peeps!  It's all for good reason, I'm working REALLY hard at the moment in preparation for my final essay which is due in less than 8 weeks, scary!!  Anyway, I finally have some craftiness to share with you!

September was a difficult one to do, firstly because I had to stop my kit subscription.  I have always used monthly kits for this type of project as it keeps each month different and I have it all there ready to go.  I did however treat myself to a couple of the new Cosmo Cricket papers so I used those.......
The second reason that september was a tricky one was because I didn't do much, and didn't take many photos.  Luckily on the very last day of the month I had a very funny evening with some friends and made sure I had some pics!!
And then the divided pages, I had to be mega creative to fill these, but I kept reminding myself that it is ok for this project to be 'everyday' it doesn't have to be filled with exciting stuff!
 I used Ruby Rock It papers for this, I'd never used them before but I was impressed!
 TFL xxxx

Monday, 3 October 2011

Flying Visit

Hi everyone, just a really quickie post to let you know I haven't given up blogging!! Life in the second year is hectic!! This week is set to be another busy one, with an observation placement starting tomorrow, and a school trip on Wednesday, I will be back with a proper post soon but I can't say when!!

I'll leave you with a picture of some cupcakes I made, inspired by Cath Kidston (via Pinterest), a couple of weeks ago for a friends birthday.  

TFL xxxxx